Hard Choices, Easy Answers

R. Michael Alvarez and John Brehm

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Links for related research:

Replication dataset for our November 1995 American Journal of Political Science paper, "American Ambivalence Toward Abortion Policy: Development of a Heteroskedastic Probit Model of Competing Values." (Search for study 1113).

"Uncertainty and American Public Opinion". This is a draft of a book chapter we coauthored with Catherine Wilson forthcoming in Uncertainty in American Politics , edited by Barry C. Burden and forthcoming in early 2003 from Cambridge University Press. You can download Stata datasets, batch files, and log files to replicate the analyses in this chapter (there is one zip file to download).

"Binding the Frame: How Important are Frames for Survey Response". A paper we presented at the 2000 APSA meetings, presenting results from a new research project.

Alvarez's lecture notes on "Heterogeneous Choice Models", from the 1997 ICPSR Summer Advanced Maximum Likelihood Course. (pdf format only).

Internet Surveys project.

About the authors:

R. Michael Alvarez.

John Brehm.